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Stain Removal Dublin

Don’t let stains take over your living room, have them professionally removed.


Stain Removal Solutions In Dublin

A big part of our business is stain removal. We’re experts in removing all types of marks and stains. Trusted by over 200 peoples in Dublin! It’s always easier to remove stains as early as possible, so don’t panic if you spill something on your lovely new rugcarpet or upholstery, just call in the professionals and Ace Carpet Cleaning Dublin will have it lifted in no time.

We’ve the latest solutions to lift even the stubbornness of stains including, oil, ink and red wine.

Our skilled carpet cleaners in Dublin will assess the type of stain and more importantly the type of material damaged in order to choose the correct solution, for the most effective clean. An added recommendation would be a high-quality, professional carpet protector, helping to prevent future soiling and staining.

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