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Professional Carpet Cleaning Dublin

A carpet cleaning service to leave your Dublin home refreshed.


Carpet Cleaning In Dublin By The Professionals

Ace Carpet Cleaning Dublin provide a complete deep carpet cleaning service to the city of Dublin and the surrounding areas. Our Prochem carpet cleaning machines deliver the cleaning solution deep into the carpet, ensuring a thorough clean. The twin vacuum motors then extract the carpet cleaning solutions, dirt, stains, pet hairs and odours, resulting in the carpets looking “as good as new”, ensuring a quick drying time too.

Our carpet cleaning experts pre-treat stains as necessary before proceeding with their deep cleaning. Peter and Brian use specialised stain removers for specific stains, including, tea, coffee, blood, wine and pet urine etc.

Our professional carpet cleaning system will deodorise your carpets leaving a lovely fresh smell behind. Carpet stain protectors like Scotchgard, are available if desired, to protect your carpets from future stains.

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